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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 28, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] this morning on "early today," east coast chaos. residents in the northeastig out from a record breing blizzard as eir ports and public transportation struggle to get back on track. auto shaky ground. poions of a california highway give away after days o torrential rain. and rewriting history. archaeologists say they discovered the earliest evidence archaeologists say they discovered the earliest evidence yeof modern man. captions paid n ello and a vryood morning to you. today we begin with how mu did
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you get? that is a question people all across the east coast are asking each other when it comes to snowfall totals from e blizzard of 2010. with thousands of flights canceled by the storms, it cld be days bfore airlines clear their cklog. kurt gregory reports. >> reporter: the new york area boar the blunt of the blizzard. up to two feet of snow stopping emergency havings and slowi traffic to a stand still. >> stuck. which is bad. this ithe worst i've ever seen in my lie. >>t doesn't seem like the plows have beeout, ither. >> not everybody was ustrated. the storm brought nter snow and fun to centr park. the awesome snowfall captured by a new jeey cameraman in ti lapsed video. but that snow closed all three new york aports. hundreds of weary passengers spent the night on terminal floors, lines were long as
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airlines scrambledo rebook thsands. >> if i can shave and get a nice parkbench, i'll be happy. >> power was knocked out to tens of thousands up and down the east cot. >> i used t like snow. i'm not sure like it any re. >> and big dig was under way from new jersey to w england. as the noreast struggles to recover from aemorable holiday storm. kurt gregory, wh nbc news. an american embassy overseas appears to be in the crossairs of a suspect planning terror attacks. the emssy in londonas among the possible target a plot in london and tha qute, suitable security precautions are now being taken. the announcement came on he say damehat nine of the elen arrest in the plot were charged. they werdetained this month in
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england in europe's latest terror incident. the united states and other western powers are condemning a moscow court this morning. once considered russia's richest man, micahael khordokovsky has been indicted. adding to the unusual puic rebuke by the oh back ma administration, gibbsaid the tion hurts russia's abilit to strengthen tiesith the united stat. washington has apologized to peru for unflatering cables publisd by wikileaks. at issue are doments that said presidentialen garcia had a, ote, colossal ego, was rumored to suffered fromanic depression and may have had several extra matal affairs.
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in an interview with a raio station, the assistantecretary ooh state said the u.s. want to turn the page on the incident so it doesn't affect relations. >> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. in califoia, a gaping hole in mountainside has forced the closure of a state highway after last week's storms caused the ground to give away completely severing the road. engineers are still determing how long it ll take to repair the highway which is the main artery between s angeles and big bear mountain. also incalifornia, preparations are under way for th 12nd rose parade taking ple on new year's day. each of the 47 elaborate floats are made from natal materials likelowers, tree bk depi depicting friendship and memory pes. in iowa, a combination of thickog and near zero temperatures create a postcard
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picture as crystals clung to tree limbs. ice fisheen took advantage of co temps and briht skie in pennsylvania,conditions were far less apaling as folks struggled to through several inches of snow. it was so bad, that this snowplow got stuck. it was eventuly rescued, dug out and towed and was on its way to help out philadelphia residents. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forest. bill, i am telling you, struggle is right. it has been a struggle out there. >> it's been almost 24 hours since the snow topped. my road still wsn't plowed this morning. just toive you an idea, there's a lot ofreas that have a lot of cleanup. e blizzard is now up there past nova scotia and it bombed off t coast of cape cod. it was a four-day sn event gog back to thursday of last
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week. en it went as far south as al and northern georgia, into soth carolina, but it developed and became a huge storm oce it went off the east ast. and the snfall totals in this narrow band were one to t feet in northern jersey, southern new york we up around three feet. new york city got 20 inches. you were sixth all time. not quite in the top ive, but in 2010 in february and also the one we just gotdone with, n york city has had two of its biggest owstorms ever this year. now, theinds are still cranking this morning, but not as b as yesterday. i think it will be easierto clean up tay. still 36-mile-per-hour gusts in boston. we're in t 20s range from hartrd to philly. the windchill will be very cold. it's not ging to be an easy mmute. whatever melted yesterday was refroze, anyway, because
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teeratures are very chilly. we're at 19 in boston, 25 in new york. the otr story this morning is the temperatures in florida. in orlando and 30 in new orleans. so we have hard freeze in north florida thi morning. this afternoon, everyone wl be just fine the cleanup continues. that's a look at your forecast. now here is look at the weather outside yo window. temperatures are recovering in some areas. 65 still ki of cool in miami. detroit not even getting to freezing. high of 29. baltime, sunny and 38, on the breezy side. we'll have rain developing in texas. a look at the next storm, that will moving o to the west coast. that will mean a big snstorm for theiddle of the kin. >> it's not really the snow, bill. it's the wind that's horrible. >> the wnd makes the snowstorm about 100 times worse. >> that's right. snow hurts retailers, aig makes some noise. your early morning business headlines e straight ahead. plus, she's in one of the year's
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hottest and st talked about movies and s's up for big awards. but wee going to tell you about the real big news in her life. washington to the playoffs, e magic cut down the nets and dirk is hurt. you're watching "early today."
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good morningand welcome back to "early tod." i'm veronica de la cruz. here a some of your top headlines th morning. for the third year in a row, a new "usa today" gallup poll finds president obama is the most admired man i america. secretary of state hillary clintotops theist of most admired women for the ninth straight year. ecuations are under way in more tn a dozen twns in northeastern australia day where torrential downpours have forced hundreds of people from their homes. in some areas, with up to 11 inches of rain have fallen n
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within 24 hours. cuba and the united states have rched an agreement wi anmerican money transfer company to eliminatea % dollar exchange tahat was previously imposed on foreign funds. the rules were met with resistance. archaeologists cla they found teeth in israel that could be the earliest existence of man ever found. they are double thege of what were considered the oldest human mains in the world. the diovery may change the widely held perception thatomo sapiens originat on the connegligent of africa. >> and n here's an early look at how wl street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,045. the s&p was up a fracton and the naaq added a point. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei lost 63 points. in hong kong, the hangeng fell
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212. aus might expect between holidays and the morning after one of new york's biggest snowstorms in memory,rading on wall street was slim and fl mond. with no economic data to send shares far in either directn, less the half the usually stoks were traded. volatility jumped over7% after closing thursday at its lowest vels since july 2007. financials rose. aig secured $4.3 billion in credit facilities. inveors shrugged off a surprise dey christmas day hike by chna's central bank in its battle to reign in stub born inflation. reta stocks were hit har by th snowstorm which will keep hundreds of shoppers away fr malls and stores.
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the chinesrate hike raised ars oef of slowing demand. ld ended slightly down, as well. todawill be data for trade to chew on, consumer confidence for december and home prices for tober. a big blow to tax preparer hr block, they cannot offer loans to customers agnst anticipated tax refunds throughr bank. and finally,panish police have detained a woman who faked her own kidnapng to test whetr her husband would pay r 20,000 ero raom. ding insult to injury, s was caught because he we to the police instead of paying. well, llas ralliesithout its star. big easteavyweights clooit collide and the air force flies in more ways thanone. plus, the saints will punch
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eir title after punching ba thr playoff lead tomorrow nigh your regional forecast is ming right up. you're watching arly today."
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good morning. if you're st waking up, this is "early day." in sports last night, the atlanta falcons had won eight in
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a row d were posed to lock up hofield advantage thoughout the playoffs, thenthe saints came to down. re's nbc's mario solis with a look at all yr sports headlines. >> hello and good morning. the saints earned a playoff spot with a gutsy win over the falcons. to atlta, things not going the answer wayearly in the foth. drew brees picd off. falcons in control up, 14-10. championship tms figure out a way to get it done. ees capping off a 92-yd drive with a touchdown pass to gram. saints take the lead and g on to win, 17-14. > basketball match rick fans did not want to see this. dirk nowitzki comg down awkwardly after taking jumper. had to leave the game with a knee injury, does not return. kid behind the back to rion. dallas won 17 of 18 afte a 103-93 victory. to orlando, magic and the
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nets, gilbert arenas throws up a shot from somewhere near disn world. unfortunately it doesn't count since the ball hit the clock. turkoglu had his best game since rejoining the tea imagine in magic ke it. the panthers out running from t start, want wannaker up nning from thestart. pitt pulled off the upset, 78-6 funny momts in the independence wl, the air force fall conwas released befo the game. he was supposed to fly around the stadiumnd come back to his trainer, but he decided to take off. i guess he wanted his independence. the fall conwas later found a few miles away. air force win the game winning touchdown on the ground and win the game14-7.
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your early morning sports headlis are straight ahead. plus, paying tribute to the gift everyone want -- not really -- at christmastime. you're watching "ear today."
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welcome back. today is when we begin the slow meltg of all that snow. still chilly down in florida today.
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now all of our attention will turn to the west because th is where a g snowstorm is going to be. our expected snowfall totals in the next 24 hours is very high. portions of north dakota throh idaho. utah is going to have a lot of problems and especially throu the high countryf colorad and northern rizona. if you're traveling out here in the intermountain west, that's where yoll expect problems. everyonelse will be just fine from kansas city to the east coast as the slow rm up continues. if you're watching us on wlvz 2, bangor, maine, see the letter known work of a well known artist as the passionaterince at the unersity of maine museum of art. that's your "early today" event of the day, veronica been. it's a good day to go to the museum, right? >> if yocan get there. >> i was thinking the same thing. > now here's a look at this moing's headlines in entertainmt. which is filled with babies and engagements. natalie portman and her costar are doi both. they're engage and they'
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hang a baby together. the french born professional dancer since childhood met the actress last year. a film for which she's been nominated for sag and golden globe awards. a 7 pound 15 oce baby boy born on chrimas day, jackson levi furnishjohn was born in california via a surrogate. alana morrisette gave birth to a baby boy on christmas day. less than two months after mors of her engagements, leeann rimes and eddie are engaged. and finally, england's taoids are buzzing that rachel weissnd daniel craig are a couple rebouing together after both recently ende long-term relationship
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i don't know, bill, these names, these names that these babies have been named -- >> ever? >> evert emer morrisette treadway. this comes to us from dallas, texas, where in nearby ft. worthsome celebrated and others reviled the most controversial chrimas food, the fruit cake. it was all partf festivies for national fruit cake day. kids smashed into the cake and put it under a microscope probably trying to discover what made it so popular in the 40s and the 50s. but the highlight was the fruit came catapult competion. i'm veronica de la cruz, and this is "ear today," just your rst stop of the day today on ur nbc station.
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4:28 isur time on ather balmy chillyorning in the washington area. were getting a little bit of break from the winds this morning, but what we need is warmer. >>right. the winds not really helping. it's coldout the. >> yoik to news 4 today for this tuesy, december 28th, 2010. this morning theinter weather is on the big ory on the east cot. >> thousands of people are sll trying to leave their
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destinations. > news 4's craig melvin talk to travelers waiting it out. >> monday or tore tease was supposed to fly throughewark. >> my boss wants to fire me and told me to go back to puerto rico to work. >> monday continental alines cancel 900 flilths. delta grounded 875. air airways canceled 69 the va majority were cnected to laardia, jfc or newark. but the rile effect crippled air travel for most of the eastern united states. >> i could have bought four brand-new snow tires and driven there faster. >> s's trying to see her daughter in rochester. s'll get there in a few hours.


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